Pre-order the new Google Fitbit Ace smartwatch for kids from Mashable


PRE-ORDER NOW: As of May 29, you can pre-order the Google Fitbit Ace LTE smartwatch for kids at Amazon. Dropping June 5, the smartwatch will be delivered on June 7 when you pre-order.

Today, Fitbit announced the first-of-its-kind smartwatch and fitness tracker for kids: The Google Fitbit Ace LTE. Now, parents and kids can enjoy the reassuring perks of smartphones (calling, messaging, and location sharing) in one easy-to-manage wearable.

The Google Fitbit Ace LTE is listed for $229.95 and is available for preorder at Amazon. While the smartwatch will officially launch on June 5, you can pre-order it now and have it at your front door on June 7.

There are plenty of reasons for parents (and kids) to be excited about the new smartwatch. For starters, it gives kids some of the freedoms that come with having a smartphone while also having more parent-approved boundaries. With the Google Fitbit Ace LTE, kids can call and message up to 20 people.

While another perk is the Fitbit Arcade, packed with fun and educational games, parents can set limits on their kids’ watches with the School Time feature, keeping them from gaming during schooling hours. However, they are still able to get in touch if needed.

It’s worth noting that to enjoy all of the features of the Google Fitbit Ace LTE, you do have to purchase more than just the watch. Users also need a Fitbit Ace Pass data plan, which will either cost $119.99 annually or $9.99 per month.

Secure a Google Fitbit Ace LTE kids smartwatch today when you take advantage of the pre-order on Amazon.

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