Candace Owens Abandons ‘Science’: It’s A ‘Pagan Faith’ … from Crooks & Liars John Amato

Candace Owens, formally of the Daily Wire, told her viewers that she has ditched the cult of science because it’s a pagan faith.

Owens was fired from Shapiro’s outlet for embracing anti-Semitism.

These are the people populating the MAGA cult.

CANDACE OWENS: Imagine being married to me. I mean, my poor husband, he rolls over.

He’s like, what are you reading? And I feel like a regular wife says something.

I don’t know, maybe a love series, Nora Roberts’s Sweeping Her Away.

Me, on the other hand? He rolled over.

He asked me, and I said, I’m reading a flat-earth theory, And it dawned into an entire conversation. He’s like, why are you? Why are you reading a flat-earth theory? And I’m like, because somebody messaged me, …and they included some links, and I’m just reading them.

I don’t know; I’m just an interested person, no matter what. If there’s a bunch of people that believe something, I now want to know what it is that they believe, and of course, he pushed me on this, and he was talking about the earth’s curvature and science and I said to him ‘listen, I’m not a flat earther.’

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