TX Lt. Gov.: ‘I’m Not A Judge Or A Lawyer’ But I Played One When I Let Paxton Off The Hook … from Crooks & Liars Heather

That’s not what he actually said, but it is what he meant. Republican Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wants us to believe their sham impeachment of crook Ken Paxton makes him some sort of legal expert on the Trump trial in New York.

Here’s Patrick during an interview with Newxmax TV’s Chris Salcedo this Friday, crying MAGA tears for convicted felon Trump that they’ve all fallen in line behind:

PATRICK: I’m not a judge or a lawyer, but I presided over the impeachment trial. I learned a lot. I studied how to be a judge, how to give jury instructions. This jury, 34 charges, and they come back like that. It’s clear to me they didn’t consider any of the evidence.

They had their mind made up in my opinion. They went in there. Hey, we’re going to find the guy guilty. We don’t like him. Whatever the reason. They didn’t even analyze the evidence that was presented. There was no crime. There was no evidence he did anything wrong, and America is at great risk because of this judge.

What puts “America at risk” is people like you putting party over country and allowing people you know are crooks to get off scot-free, and attacking the judge in the trial in the hopes one of Trump’s MAGA followers will act out violently in response.

Patrick was rightfully taken to the woodshed on Xitter as well:

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