‘The Connoisseur’s Guide To Fine Timepieces’ Explores European Watch Company … from Maxim Beau Hayhoe

The most covetable luxury watches on the planet seem to climb in value by the day, or at least, their relative scarcity drives intense fervor. And “covetable” might be an understatement, at least in the eyes of European Watch Company, which just teamed with luxury publisher Assouline on an expansive new volume exploring out-of-this-world timepieces.


European Watch Company: The Connoisseur’s Guide to Fine Timepieces, hit shelves earlier this month and celebrates more than 150 exceedingly rare and exceptional watches.

“From grand complications that push the boundaries of engineering to legendary designs that define eras, these timepieces are the embodiment of horological heritage,” the publisher noted.

Timepieces from the likes of Cartier, Patek Philippe and Rolex are explored, along with impossibly intricate rarities that are the stuff of legend.

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

For Assouline, it follows hot on the heels of Rolex: The Impossible Collection and also nods to more than three decades in business for pre-owned luxury watch experts European Watch Company.

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

Founded in 1993 by computer scientist, engineer and watch enthusiast Albert Ganjei, European Watch Company stocks and sells luxury pre-owned watches from dozens of watchmakers, including heavy hitters like Rolex and Blancpain.

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

Extreme rarities from the likes of Richard Mille can also be found online at European Watch Company, if one is prepared to pay quite the price (one watch from the haute horologist, to the tune of $126,000, is up for grabs on the site).

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

The company’s relatively humble beginnings included a selection of watches with a top price of about $2,000, another far cry from currently available timepieces like the $69,800 Patek Philippe Nautilus or a $179,900 Patek Philippe Calendar Chronograph.

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

Penned by luxury journalist, editor and broadcaster Robin Swithinbank, the 304-page volume is packed with 300 stunning, detailed photos and illustrations of the world’s finest watches, each more envy-inducing than the last.

(European Watch Company/Courtesy of Assouline)

The impressive edition, available now for $195 online at Assouline “celebrates not only the legacy of European Watch Company, but also the shared passion for horological wonders that will continue to inspire and fascinate for generations.”

If one of the rarest watches on the planet seems out of reach (which they very often tend to be), then the latest handsome volume from Assouline should take place of pride in your library this season.

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