Pinterest predicts the summer trends, and some are ‘Bridgerton’-inspired from Mashable


What are the fashion girlies feeling this summer? According to the most-searched terms on Pinterest, the summer fashion forecast calls for Y2K nostalgia and tea parties.

In its Summer 2024 Trend Report released this week, Pinterest shared the most-searched terms on the platform. And though there were some outliers — like a 5550 percent jump in searches for “alt baddie” — most of the queries fell into three distinct groups.


Many Pinterest users are definitely interested in reliving the past (see searches inspired by the ’90s and ’00s below), but a large percentage are also dreaming of what’s ahead. Searches for “Y3K outfits” — futuristic ensembles fit for the year 3000 — are up a huge 6030 percent. A 170 percent jump in searches for “retro-future fashion” also proves people are caught between the past and the present.

Y2K- and ’90s-inspired looks

When Pinterest users need inspiration, they turn to the turn of the century. Searches for “’90s makeup look” (up 270 percent), “’90s lip” (up 760 percent), and “’90s glam makeup” (up 280 percent) are all up. Plus, “’90s nail art” (up 250 percent) and “’90s French tip nails” (up 515 percent) are on the rise as people prep for the season of sandals and short sleeves.

Searches for “2000s makeup” also increased 580 percent and “Y2K duck nails” have seen a 120 percent bump in queries.

Hairstyles of the ’90s are also feeling the love, like “’90s blonde” (up 93 percent), “’90s layered bob” (up 985 percent), and the “baby braid” style (up 1210 percent). And from the 2000s, people are searching for “chunky highlights” (up 5400 percent) and “heavy highlights on dark hair” (up 2840 percent) a la Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday or Rayanne’s blonde bang in My So-Called Life.

Dinners and tea parties

Searches for “dinner party” are up a whopping 6000 percent as folks prepare to embrace the warm weather with summer soirées. Specific themes include “Fairy dinner part[ies]” (up 150 percent) and “vintage dinnerware” (up 212 percent).

Following the show’s recent Season 3 debut, a Bridgerton effect also appears to be in full swing as users search for “tea party” (up 430 percent), “high tea food ideas” (up 177 percent), “afternoon tea party ideas” (up 165 percent), “floral tea party” (up 160 percent) and “tea sets vintage” (up 168 percent). In case it wasn’t clear, tea is in this summer.

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