Get a free 50-inch TV just by pre-ordering a Microsoft Copilot+ PC laptop from Mashable


GET A FREE TV WORTH UP TO $379.99: As of May 21, My Best Buy Plus and Total members get a free 50-inch 4K TV when they buy a select Copilot+ PC from Samsung, Microsoft Surface, HP, Lenovo, or Dell.

The zippy AI powers of Microsoft Copilot, an AI chatbot, aren’t the only type of magic sprinkled into the new line of Copilot+ PCs. My Best Buy Plus or My Best Buy Total members can summon a free 50-inch TV just by buying a select Copilot+ device.

The brand of TV you get depends on the brand of Copilot PC+ device you get: Buying a Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge unlocks a free 50-inch Samsung DU7200 Series 4K TV (a $379.99 value) while buying something like a Surface Pro, HP OmniBook, Lenovo Yoga Slim, or Dell XPS unlocks a free 50-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV (a $299.99 value, or $219.99 when on sale). Copilot+ models participating in the deal are still in the preorder zone, with shipping beginning next month. Prices range between $999.99 and $2,099.99.

My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total are the two paid tiers of the store’s rewards program, costing $49.99/year and $179.99/year, respectively. Joining grants perks like free two-day shipping, exclusive prices and access to sales, extended return windows, and more.

Having a device armed with the latest version of Copilot comes with a lot of sweet capabilities: You can edit a photo without opening an app, use “Recall” to access anything you’ve ever seen on your PC, enact live translation, and more. As if Apple wasn’t already shaking enough, the new Surface Laptops also feature new Qualcomm Snapdragon X chips — a true M3 chip competition.

The two TVs, on the other hand, aren’t the most colorful or contrasted 50-inch TVs you could find. But they’re both solid 4K options for small spaces or second bedrooms and would make a great gift for a grad moving into a new apartment or dorm.

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