Fox News’ Trump Defense For Falling Asleep: Courtroom Is Too Hot … from Crooks & Liars John Amato

Fox News America’s Newsroom co-host Bill Hemmer came up with a new excuse for Trump constantly falling asleep at his trial.

Diminished Don continues to cry that the courtroom is too cold and he’s freezing, but Hemmer has a new view.

Hemmer: I mean, this is a two-story drab courtroom.

Sounds like I’d love it. Was it freezing in there?

Hemmer: No, it wasn’t, actually. It was actually warm.

Hemmer: And you can see the 18 jurors, right, because there’s six alternates in addition to the 12. And you wonder, you know, you’re sitting here for six, seven hours a day, and it’s this warm in here.

You could easily fall asleep.

What is it too hot or too cold? Apparently Trump can’t take any sort of weather fluctuations. The traitor must be at a constant 68° or else kingnshitzhispants snores.

UPDATE: CNN reported it slightly differently.

It sure sounds like Trump fell asleep during Michael Cohen’s cross-examination, “Our reporter inside the courtroom tells us that Donald Trump is leaning back with his eyes closed. And at one point his month briefly hung open before he readjusted himself in his chair.”

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