Vegan Cafe Owner Appears With Trump, Lies About Business Doing Worse Under Biden … from Crooks & Liars Heather

Trump continues to find the very worst people who want to sell their souls to shill for him during his cult rallies. This week he held a rally in Wisconsin in between court appearances and nap-time in Manhattan, and helped a Wisconsin restaurant owner spew this nonsense:

On Wednesday, vegan restaurant owner Shana Gray joined former President Donald Trump on stage for his rally in Waukesha, Wis., where they claimed that her restaurant, which opened in 2023, did better when Trump was in office.

FIfteen minutes into Trump’s 78-minute rally, he explained that Gray’s business has been struggling under Joe Biden’s administration and that she was “doing better” during the Trump years.

“Shana says her business is being brutalized by the soaring cost of food,” Trump said on stage. “She’s never seen anything like it. And right now, she says things just aren’t working. She was doing great three-and-a-half years ago, she was doing better than she ever did. ‘During the Trump years,’ she said, ‘I was able to afford things. I wasn’t worried about my future. I am now.’”

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