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The 21st Century is no time to be prudish. Sexuality and sexiness are things to be celebrated and explored. And what better way is there to try new things than invest in a sex toy? Everyone’s using sex toys now, which means if you haven’t got one, you’re behind the times.

Indeed, sex toys are more widely available than ever before. And it can be tempting to splash out a lot of money on the biggest and best available. But there’s no need to go crazy on the spending. Not only are there an abundance of sex toys available, there’s a great selection of affordable sex toys. Trust us: You can get your rocks off for a budget price these days. You can certainly do it for under £50.

So, whether you’re buying your first ever sex toy, or you’re looking to upgrade, we’ve gathered some of the best budget sex toys out there.

Is it safe to buy cheap sex toys?

Budget-friendly does not mean cheaply made. Quality was a non-negotiable when compiling this list. After all, it’s not worth saving a few pounds if you’re using an unsafe toy (and not in the fun NSFW way) to put on your genitals. We’re betting you want to avoid anything that can easily harbour bacteria, so we chose toys that use body-safe, non-porous materials, like silicone and metal. The greater the porosity of a toy, the easier bacteria can thrive in it, even if you’re regularly cleaning it after each use (as you should with any toy).

That’s not to say that porous materials like PVC, rubber, TPE, or even some silicone blends are entirely unsafe — it’s just that they require a lot of special care to maintain that safety, and should always be used with a latex condom. When buying budget, knowledge is power and diligent care is key.

Are there different types of sex toys?

The world of sex toys and paraphernalia gets more colourful and creative all the time. But there are sex toys that you can rely on, and that remain absolute staples. The mighty vibrator is still the king of sex toys. It’s possible to spend big on a vibrator, but it’s also possible to buy cheaply. There’s a whole spectrum available. Other classics include cock rings, butt plugs, and love eggs (all of which are included below).

Are sex toys for men or women?

We might tend to think of sex toys being for women — particularly when so many look like penises — but there are more sex toys than ever for men. The Fleshlight, for instance, has become the staple of men’s masturbation aids in the way that the vibrator is for women. In fact, many of the toys that we’ve selected below are good for solo play and for couples to use together. Do be shy about combining your toy time.

What is the best sex toy for under £50?

We’re not going to try and tell you which sex toy should be top of your list, or which one you must love or there is something wrong with you. Instead, we’re here to lend a helping hand in the form of a selection of cheap recommendations. There should be something for everyone in this list. You just need to pick a favourite from the bunch.

These are the best sex toys under £50 in 2024.

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