Don’t miss ‘Conan O’Brien Must Go’s 4 post-credit scenes from Mashable


With four episodes checking in at around the 40 minute mark, Conan O’Brien Must Go is the kind of show you just want more of.

But while we don’t know if the comedy travel show, which sees the host surprising fans in Norway, Argentina, Thailand, and Ireland, will be back for a second season, we can at least make the most of what we do have — and that includes four silly post-credits scenes you may have missed on first viewing.

From a belting Irish song to an impressive animation, here are the post-credits scenes that take place at the end of each of O’Brien’s different adventures.


Credit: Conanco / Max

This is definitely the sweetest of the post-credits scenes. Earlier in the Norway episode O’Brien heads to the archipelago of Lofoten to meet up with a fan, a fish farmer called Kai who takes him out on his boat. Right at the end of the episode Kai makes a reappearance, this time in a video he’s filmed of himself on his phone.

“Hey Conan, it’s me Kai here,” he says. “I don’t know if you remember the drink we had in the bar? There was a girl there which I have known for a while. Conan gave me a pat on the shoulder and told me to go for it — and I did. So we’re living together now, and we’re expecting our first baby – a little girl, now, in February. Things are going really great. Thank you for your visit.”



Credit: Conanco/Max

At the start of the episode O’Brien visits an artist called Sebastian in the city of Buenos Aires, and makes a very specific request: Can Sebastian paint a portrait of the host with his arms around footballer Lionel Messi on one side, Pope Francis on the other, then turn the whole thing into a giant mural? Sebastian is happy to oblige, and the post-credits scene contains a timelapse of said mural being put together.


Credit: Conanco/Max

O’Brien visits Big Brain Studio in Bangkok during the Thailand episode, where he views the start of an animation commemorating his visit. O’Brien then immediately dictates some scenes he wants added to the cartoon. “Can we include a segment where I’m not answering texts from my wife?” asks O’Brien. “Maybe a segment where I’m having way too much white wine at night in the hotel bar, and then maybe my producer pulling me away from the bar.”

The final post-credits scene contains the full animation, complete with these scenes and more.


Credit: Conanco/Max

Midway through the Ireland episode O’Brien joins singing trio The Irish Tenors for a rendition of “Danny Boy”. In the episode’s post-credits scene he’s back with them, this time performing in a packed Irish pub to rapturous applause from the audience.

How to watch: Conan O’Brien Must Go is streaming now on Max.

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