Home Depot’s upgraded 12-foot skeleton and its new pet dog will debut this Thursday from Mashable


Tackling a spring cleaning to-do list? Go ahead and leave some of those cobwebs intact: According to Home Depot, it’s already time to start thinking about Halloween decor.

The home improvement retailer is celebrating the almost-halfway point to spooky season this week with a limited initial release of its 2024 Halloween collection, including an upgraded version of its iconic 12-foot skeleton and its new skeleton dog sidekick. Products will be available online starting Thursday, April 25 while supplies last.

A representative for Home Depot couldn’t confirm a sale start time, but recommended that interested shoppers pay close attention to Home Depot’s website and social media accounts for availability intel. We’ll update this story as soon as we see product listings start to go live (likely around 6 a.m. ET, if past restocks are any indication).

The sale marks the second year in a row that Home Depot has hosted a “Halfway to Halloween” event in April, and shoppers can expect to see a bigger selection of products compared to its spring 2023 surprise drop.

You are feeling veeery eager to spend $300.
Credit: Home Depot

The star of the show is, once again, the 12-foot Giant-Sized Skeleton with LifeEyes LCD Eyes, a viral hit that’s sold out every year since 2020. “Skelly,” as it’s affectionately known to fans and admirers, will make its fourth coming with newly enhanced light-up eyes that have eight swappable settings while remaining at its same usual price of $299.

Skelly is joined by two new colossal companions this year — one being the aforementioned five-foot Skeleton Dog ($199), a cadaverous canine with a posable mouth and the same changeable LCD eyes. Mashable humbly submits Wishbone to the nickname suggestion list.

I’m literally shaking buy him brown contacts pls.
Credit: Home Depot

The other XL newcomer is a 12.5-foot Giant-Sized Inferno Deadwood Skeleton, an arboreal horror with built-in color-changing lights that looks like Groot’s evil cousin. It will sell for $379.

I am evil Groot.
Credit: Home Depot / Mashable composite

Rounding out Home Depot’s Halfway to Halloween lineup is a seven-foot Animated LED Frankenstein’s Monster ($249), which says lines from Universal’s 1931 Frankenstein film, and a three-pack of five-foot Pose-n-Stay Skeletons ($119) with moveable arms and light-up eyes.

Shoppers can expect to encounter even more new Halloween props at Home Depot later in the coming months, including a 7.5-foot animated plague doctor, a 10-foot haunted maple tree, a nine-foot headless horseman, a six-foot animatronic pirate named “Captain Cuts,” and a six-foot card-playing skeleton called “Jack of Spades.” The fate of the 12-foot, gourd-headed Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton that’s been sold alongside Skelly since 2021 is still in limbo, but Home Depot’s rep said more announcements are imminent.

Another online launch of Home Depot’s Halloween collection will likely happen sometime in July, as we’ve seen in past years, so save up accordingly.

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