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Last week, Bluey had fans of all ages in tears over its super-sized episode “The Sign.” But the moving ep, which was chock-full of Easter eggs, was not the finale of Season 3. Episode 50, titled “Surprise!”, concludes this season with a bang. And as its title suggests, it brought a big surprise in its final moments.

Fans online are freaking out over the final sequence that reveals a grown-up Bluey, and more specifically the final shot that shows her…baby.

After a pretty standard (and winsome) episode of Bingo and Bluey playing with their dad Bandit, the ep cuts to many years later, when a fully grown Bluey pops in for a “surprise” visit. Her mum Chili says Bingo is in the backyard, and as they walk through the living room, the doorbell rings again. Bandit goes to answer it — but no one appears to be there. Except, a puppy is hiding just to the side of the door, holding a toy gun that shoots balls — just like the one Bluey fired at Bandit for much of the episode as they played a game she called “Surprise.”

Fans were quick to assume, considering the similarity in setup and Bluey’s arrival, that this unnamed puppy was her kid. But this left a big unanswered question.

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Who did Bluey have a baby with?

This is the query dominating BlueyTok at the moment. Fans are in two camps on the subject, using visual cues from the pup’s appearance to make their arguments.

The first camp is Team Mackenzie, pointing to a Border Collie pal from Bluey’s school. Notably, the pup ready to ambush Bandit in “Surprise!” has one ear up and one folded, like Mackenzie. And the blocking of the pup’s fur is similar. Plus, as Winton predicted in a past episode, highlighted by TikTok user AngieinSydney, “Oooooo Bluey’s gonna marry McKenzie!”

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Take a look at Mackenzie in action.

The other popular pick for the pup’s papa goes back to a Season 1 episode called “Camping.” That’s where Bluey met a sweet French-speaking Labrador named Jean-Luc (not John Luke as some fans misspell!).

In this episode, Bluey and Jean-Luc meet up by a creek for several days, playing games together happily — despite not speaking a common language. Bluey is sad when. without warning (well, not one she understands), Jean-Luc and his family pack up and leave. But at the episode’s end, they reunite years later, when they both return by happenstance to the same creak, and he calls to her in English, “Hello, Bluey.”

Take a peak at “Camping” to get a sense of why some Bluey fans ship these pups.

Do Bluey and Jean-Luc get married?

That’s what Team Jean-Luc is supposing from the look of Bluey’s pup. On Tiktok, user Lori argues points out Bluey’s baby doesn’t have black and white coloring like Mackenzie. Instead, she and others on X / Twitter argue the pup’s coloring is shades of bluish-purple that resemble Jean-Luc — who also has floppy ears.

Tweet may have been deleted

Tweet may have been deleted

Some have even made fan art imagining what Bluey and Jean-Luc’s pups would look like.

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But others are saying the show’s creators have purposely left it ambiguous so that neither camp will be disappointed.

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Tweet may have been deleted

Meanwhile, there are other theories, pitching alternative fathers and even adoption.

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Tweet may have been deleted

Who’s the father of Bluey’s baby is in the eye of the beholder for now. No statement has been made from the show’s creator, Joe Brumm. As to when the show might answer this question, that’s even harder to determine.

The series’ future is undetermined, not due to a lack of popularity. The show, which was originally commissioned by Australia’s ABC and the UK’s BBC and airs in America through Disney+, has not yet announced Season 4. But considering the worldwide popularity of the brand, an abrupt ending seems unlikely.

Talking to The Guardian, Brumm teased that the 28-minute episode “The Sign” might lead to a Bluey movie, saying, “I love the idea of doing something even longer, so we’ll see how this goes down. Maybe a movie, who knows? This is a good way to test the waters.” Could the questions about Bluey’s future be answered there?

Mashable has reached out to Disney+ for comment.

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