Get lifetime access to 1TB of cloud storage for under £110 from Mashable


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to Koofr Cloud Storage (1TB) is on sale for £102.03, saving you 84% on list price.

Keeping all your files in order is practically a job of its own, whether you’re actually at work or just keeping up your files from school or managing your house. Important text documents, pictures, and videos all have to go somewhere, and if you don’t have a large enough central file storage, that means spreading them out and potentially losing some of them. 

If you want to keep all your important files in one place, get some cloud storage that actually has room for all of them and doesn’t depend on another monthly bill. Koofr has a 1TB lifetime cloud storage plan that you can use to keep all your important files together in one secure location, and you can get it for only £102.03 for just a little while longer. 

This cloud storage gives you 1TB to use as you please. Access it across devices, including your mobile, PC, or even WebDav platform. Koofr doesn’t just give you tools to store all your files. When you have that much storage space, managing your files is important too. That’s why Koofr comes with tools like the Duplicate Finder and a customisable link appearance to keep your files easy to navigate and always accessible. You can even set up encrypted file transfers and storage for that extra layer of protection.

Some cloud storage services cost every month. With Koofr, you pay for it once and it’s yours. There aren’t any hidden fees or recurring costs. You can even share access to files with others who don’t have a Koofr account. 

Grab a Koofr Cloiud Storage 1TB lifetime plan for £102.03.

Credit: Koofr Cloud Storage

Koofr Cloud Storage: 1TB (Lifetime Subscription)
£102.03 at the Mashable Shop

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