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It’s important to stay secure when browsing online, and while you can take measures to be aware of where you’re browsing and what you’re doing, using a VPN is the best way to guarantee your cybersecurity.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) provide protection for your data and identity when you’re online by creating a private network that hides your real IP address. This means that all of your activity is untraceable and secure. Try thinking about VPNs as encrypted tunnels through which all of your online traffic passes through. Nobody can see into the tunnel, and everything inside the tunnel is protected against online threats like viruses, hackers, and malware.

Do you need a VPN?

A good quality VPN will block any nefarious traffic coming your way, while also keeping your browsing history private from your ISP and anyone else trying to snoop on your activities. Using a VPN also means you can conduct activities such as checking your online banking while connected to public WiFi, without worrying that you’re leaking valuable information. 

If you’re looking for a VPN for Windows, you’ll need a fast service that remains secure. A “no logs” policy and a kill switch are also vital. These ensure that your VPN doesn’t track what you do, and that your connection drops if the VPN connection fails, respectively. For Windows 10, it’s also useful to have an app that’s simple to use.

What is the best VPN for Windows?

We have tracked down all the best VPNs for Windows 10, and stuck to VPN services that have apps that are easy to get to grips with, while still offering advanced features for those who want to dip under the surface to make tweaks. You can pick from leading services like CyberGhost VPN, Private Internet Access, and ExpressVPN.

These are the best VPNs for Windows in 2024.

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