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Gaming is an expensive hobby. Dedicated gamers already know that we spend way too much money on consoles, gear, games, and more year after year. But we do it anyway, because we love it. Being a gaming hobbyist requires a big investment of both time and money, but the unforgettable experiences you reap from playing your favorite games are worth every second, and every penny.

So, you’re thinking about picking gaming up as your new 2024 hobby? We’re happy to hear it, and we want to help you start building your dream gaming setup. Let’s get into what you’ll need for your gaming starter kit.

Which console should I get?

You’ll hear purists say that you’re either a console gamer or PC gamer, but to us, there’s no reason you can’t be both. We think having at least one of the big-name, non-handheld consoles is absolutely necessary to have a well-rounded gaming setup. But which one should you choose? Well, you have two main choices: PlayStation or Xbox.

Eventually, you’ll probably want to have one of each, but the first one you get should be chosen wisely. You can’t go wrong with either a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S, although each does certain things better than the other.

For those who prefer single-player narrative games that are packed to the brim with showstopping set pieces and cinematic cutscenes, we say go for the PlayStation 5. PlayStation is king when it comes to exclusives — The Last of Us, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and others among them. The PS5 also has speedy processing power thanks to its internal SSD and comes with immersive features like enhanced haptics and adaptive triggers within the console’s controller.

The Xbox Series X and S are also powerful gaming machines in their own right, but in our minds, the main draw is the ability to take advantage of Xbox Game Pass. It’s basically the Netflix of video games, unlocking access to a massive library of titles that you can download and play at your leisure. If you want to try out a large number of games without spending an unbelievable amount of money, this is the route you’ll want to go. Plus, Game Pass memberships are pretty affordable. Oh, and the Xbox’s Quick Resume feature is a game-changer.

Should I build a PC?

Eventually, you may want to build a custom PC rig from scratch. Why wouldn’t you? They’re super cool. But we don’t recommend it for beginners just starting out in the gaming space. Building a gaming PC can get really complicated (and expensive), and you probably won’t want to spend the early moments of your new hobby frustrated about what parts you should or shouldn’t buy. Let’s save that for somewhere down the line.

If you really want the PC gaming experience right off the bat, we recommend starting with a gaming laptop (like the Lenovo Legion Slim 7i) or even a Steam Deck if you prefer going handheld.

What do I need for my beginner gaming setup?

We’re going to assume you’re at least starting with a decent TV and WiFi connection; so as long as you have that baseline established, we’re ready to move on to our top picks. (Need a gaming TV recommendation? Our favorite is the LG C2 OLED Evo.)

Below, all the products we think you need to build the perfect beginner’s gaming starter kit.

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